The Castello di Montalbano is a unique place to rediscover the lost magic of a timeless paradise.
The Castle houses three structures: the Celle dei Frati, the Rooms of the Guests of the Castle and the Sacred Suites. Each of the structure invokes a different theme, expressed and developed in every single room in an even more peculiar way.
We also propose you many formulas and packages to enjoy the Castle and Florence in every possible way!
Formulas & Packages


The Romantic Package is our classic formula for best occasions, those who make unforgettable moments.
The Romantic Package includes a night stay at the Castle and a rich morning breakfast which can be served in the room. It also includes our best dinner, the Romantic Dinner, a fascinating and unique experience in the Main Hall in a candle-light atmosphere with a stunning view over Florence.
The Romantic Dinner welcomes you with an aperitif and continues with a big carousel of antipasti tasting, two first courses, two second courses, fruit, desserts and all drinks included. But that is not all!
During the dinner, a member of our staff will decorate your room with rose petals, candles and a beautiful bouquet, to make the atmosphere at your return incredibly romantic.
There are two variations of the Romantic Package.

The SPA Romantic Package, created to let you immerse in a relaxation oasis, that includes two special entrances to the Virgin Active fitness & SPA, only few minutes far from the Castle. And the Romantic Birthday Package, to celebrate at the best the most important day of the year of your beloved, which includes a little after-dinner in the room with prosecco and sweeties.


The Touch & Go formula is our smart romantic formula.
It includes a night stay at the Castle and a rich morning breakfast which can be served in the room. It also includes our Classic dinner, served in the Main Hall with a stunning view over Florence.
The Classic Dinner welcomes you with an aperitif and continues with a carousel of antipasti tasting, a first course, a second course and the dessert (drinks not included). But that is not all!
During the dinner, we will leave in your room a bottle of Prosecco to make your experience even more unique.


Gift a Castle is our way to let you make a special present for a special person, the way you desire.
It's a totally tailor-made service, both with for a fixed or open day. We will draw together the best possible experience. You can pick one of our formulas or create your own.
Once everything is set up, we will provide you with a complimentary Beautiful Gift Parchment.
The Celle dei Frati
Le Celle dei Frati are imagined to astonish you with a breath-taking panorama and to be cuddle be the meditative calm of their surroundings.
Cella dei Frati Savonarola e Bartolomeo
This one is the largest among the Celle dei Frati. The bed is a 2.2m round which stands next to a magnificent stone wall. There is a big round whirpool inside the room, with a futuristic all-glass bathroom.
Cella di Fra' Beato Angelico
A big whirpool for two faces the windows overlooking Florence. The bed is a big round of 2.2m. Parts of the walls are treated with the special Antico Spatolato Veneziano which contrasts beautifully with the raw stone walls.
Cella dei Frati Antonino e Paolino
This Cella has one of the biggest stone wall of the Castle. From the whirpool, you can enjoy a spectacular panorama of the city. The bed is centered to give the sensation of protection.
The Stanze degli Ospiti
The Stanze degli Ospiti del Castello di Montalbano are dedicated to real historical hosts of the Castle and they are inspired, in the choice of the color, the forniture, the style, the pictures, by the lives of these guests, whose story is linked with the Castle.
Stanza di Mussolini
The room has a old-fashioned, charming atmosphere. The Stanza degli Ospiti dedicated to Mussolini recalls the 20s' style, with a touch of dark tones. The bed is a surrounded by a geometric baldaquin. In front of it, three mirrors pay tribute to the Palazzo della Civilità Italiana in Roma.
Stanza della Prostituta Pentita
Repented Prostitute is a nest of passion and devotion, of the eternal fight between sacred and profane. The bed is the largest of the Castle. The forniture and the decorations are cozy, charming and warm. The Woman is expressed in all her forms through a small picture exposition.
Stanza del Partigiano Eroico
In the room, an angular whirpool for two allows you to deeply enter in a very naturalistic state of mind. This Stanza degli Ospiti merges color, sensation and matters which recalls the Nature and the forest. The bed lays on four trunks, tables are made out of branches and the lamp reminds of deer horns.
Stanza di Carlo Magno
In the room there is a whirpool for two which allows you to feel the history while cuddled by the water. The Stanza degli Ospiti dedicated to Charlemagne is the only one of the Castle with two panoramic windows. The bed is a round of 2.2m and it is mounted in a glass wall lighted by colorful leds. All over the room, relics from exotic places.
Stanza di Michelangelo
In the room, a big whirpool for two All’interno della stanza, una grande vasca idromassaggio ad angolo per la coppia, permette di rivivere l’atmosfera della Storia, caldamente avvolti dal movimento dell’acqua. The Stanza degli Ospiti dedicated to Michelangelo is the largest of the Castle. The bed is a king size that lays on four trunks. Over the bed, there is a painted copy of the “The Creation of Adam”.
The Sacre Suites
The Castello di Montalbano has been a Convent in the past: the Sacre Suites are located in the former church of the Castle. They are separated from the main building and they are imagine to express a mix between modern and antique, sacred and profane.
Suite Rossa
The Red Suite is located at the ground floor of the Church of the Castle and it is a large room that recalls the relaxing life in the countryside. One of its particularity is the cotto floor, in harmony with the velvet walls. The style of the room is armonious and quiet. From the big windows, you can see the city through the trees.
Suite Nera
The Black Suite is located on the first floor of the Church of the Castle and it is the biggest room of the complex, with a large open space. One of its features is the black floor that contrasts with the golden walls. The style of the room is eccentric, capricious. It reminds Baroque, with a mix of modern and classic.
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